I mentioned in my last post that I have a foundation problem. I can't stop buying them. Honestly, what you see here is the last of what is left over from a MUCH larger stash. But, seriously... how much flesh coloured liquid does a girl need? I can only wear one at a time. Maybe two at a push. I think I could probably successfully justify having four in rotation, but not the 10+ that were cluttering my drawers several months ago. 

I have made a vow to myself that I will finish every bottle I have left before I let myself repurchase my favourites... or, dare I say it? Try any new ones? In my defence, there are still one or two I'm curious about! I thought I'd share the pros and cons of the bottles I have left, and hopefully if I'm lucky I can inspire myself to tuck back into the Silk Creme at some point! I might have to give up on that one though...



What: A thick, high coverage drugstore foundation. Semi-matte finish. Excellent lasting power. Not photo friendly. 

Why: I wanted a flawless, high coverage foundation to wear on nights out and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I didn't read any reviews, but I did have a few recommendations from friends.

When: On nights out, long days and occasional unforgiving skin days. Never on big occasions or photo ops. Flash back is horrendous.

How: Pump applicator. Best buffed in with a dense flat brush to centre of the face and blended out.

VERDICT: Value for money. No repurchase. 




What: Water based, light coverage foundation. Natural  dewy  finish. Build-able. Moderate lasting power. Travel friendly packaging.

Why: I had heard rave reviews and curiosity got the better of me. Also who doesn't love a bit of Chanel?

When: As a daily base, or on special occasions. Ideal for good skin days, also great underneath a high coverage concealer.

How: Shake vigorously and work into skin using fingertips, allow to fully sink in before continuing with makeup application.

VERDICT: Fabulous. Repurchase imminent. 



What: (Old Formula) A high coverage, thick foundation. Semi-matte finish. Often patchy. Moderate lasting power. 

Why: Was impressed with the LM tinted moisturiser and spurred on by a beauty 'guru' on a particularly flawless skin day (her, not me).

When: Not often these days. 

How: Mixed with either Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Primer and buffed in thoroughly with a dense flat topped brush.

VERDICT: Far too thick. Don't know how I'll finish this. No repurchase.



What: A medium to high coverage foundation. Great colour selection. Build-able. Good lasting power. Satin finish. 

Why: Suposed dupe for Georgio Armani cult foundation, but less than 1/2 the price. 

When: Ideal for a long day at work or as a night out option, although not great for traveling. 

How: One pump, thoroughly buffed in with a buffing brush. Best allowed to sink in before continuing with makeup application.

VERDICT: Decent, but not blown away. Repurchase unlikely.



What: Very light, extremely build able foundation. Sets nicely and has a waterproof finish making it an excellent warm-weather option. Anything from light to full coverage. Satin/dewy finish. 

Why: Wanted a high coverage summer foundation that wasn't cakey,  looked natural and had great longevity.

When: On holiday (due to colour). Usually when traveling as packaging is SUPER travel friendly.

How: Shake well. Apply generously with fingers and then buff in until set. Layer until desired coverage is reached. Perfect under a full face of makeup or paired with simple bronzer and mascara.

VERDICT: Enormous bottle, may last for life.

*Yet to use on body, thoughts?



What: Highly pigmented, relatively thick tinted moisturiser. Oil free. Light-medium coverage. Healthy finish.

Why: Bought alongside MAC Face & Body in my investigation into summer base options. At the time I had fairly problematic skin so wanted a tinted moisturiser with decent coverage.

When: On a daily basis, for minimal-natural makeup looks. Low-matenence days. Never on a plane (packaging is terrible under air pressure).

How: Best blended in with fingers followed quickly by concealer. Will settle ±5 mins after make up application so don't judge finish prematurely.

VERDICT: This is my second tube, lovely product. Have since discovered several other preferred bases. Repurchase unlikely. 


What's sitting in your base collection? Have you tried any of these products?