Not so long ago I stumbled upon what I am going to call the spending ban mirage. The promise of a lock-down on the purse was very much in sight and just within reach if I could just get over the hump of my next beauty desire. The 'Oh, I'll just buy this one last thing and then the ban will start' mindset was in full force. This lasted about a month and a half and looking back I have realised the thought was there, but that's all it was- a thought. Because, I have to be honest with myself, there is stuff in this photo...and some of it was pretty pricey. I am now back to normal, buying largely unnecessary but very pleasing items on a semi-regular basis without trying to fool myself that tomorrow will be the day I stop. So here are some of the things I mysteriously acquired on my imaginary spending ban:


I absolutely adore the Sephora Cream Lip Satin in 'Always Red' (or I did before I lost it... so sad) so I was curious to see if the Bourjois offering compared. I picked up the shade 'Personne ne Rouge!' in the hopes that it would fill the red brown shaped hole in my lipstick collection. There was a certain degree of initial disappointment when I found out that when applied the colour is much more a pink toned red than a red brown. That aside, I really like the formula. It has the similar matte-but-not-dry effect that 'Always Red' does. It lasts remarkably well and is incredibly easy to apply- although I do find I need about three coats to achieve full opaque-ness. I would say the quality and overall finish is nowhere near as good as the Sephora alternative, but that being said, it is considerably cheaper and a hell of a lot easier to get your hands on.


When I finally ran out of my Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (it lasted for around a year- very impressed) I took to twitter for brow product recommendations. I got lots of great ideas (thank you ladies!), but in the end I popped this little guy into my basket. As much as I'm dying to try Dipbrow, I do not trust the steadiness of my hand and really I'm a pencil girl at heart. I love it. I love it so much I think I want to do a whole in depth brow maintenance post. The consistency is a perfect waxy pencil, the nib is small enough to create immaculate hair-like strokes and it has a top notch spoolie. You cannot argue with a good spoolie. Also, the colour range is fantastic. I have been using this everyday since it arrived on my doorstep and I cannot commend it highly enough.


Now, this wasn't as naughty a purchase as it seems, because this, ladies and gentlemen, is a Boots points cash in! I was initially hesitant to try it as I heard someone mention that it was similar to the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial and that broke me out like there was no tomorrow. But a couple of samples later I was hooked. This is the dream serum that helps heal blemishes, this is the dream serum that evens and brightens skin tone, this is the dream serum that sinks instantly and weightlessly into your skin. No I did not just copy that off the box, it actually does those things. Even if my spots aren't completely gone in the morning my skin looks 10x more radiant than it did the night before and I can't help but find that quite addictive. I'm also convinced that used alongside my Trilogy Rosehip Oil it has helped speed up the healing of the scars on my face. Big win.


Holding the title of my rainy day Space NK purchase, this is the pick me up that I didn't really need. Unfortunately, I can't report back to you on it's performance at this time. It is sitting in my bathroom cupboard currently occupying the position of 'most expensive face mask' and if I'm honest, I am terrified to use it. In the unlikely event that I don't like it, then it will be a terrible waste of money. But in the more likely event that I do like it, chances are I'll have to buy it again and that is a pricey commitment. So for now, it's staying safely untouched in it's slot in the cabinet. That's just sad isn't it? I might crack it open today if I'm feeling brave.


This little tube was tagged on to the end of a Boots 3 for 2 deal I believe. It was't something I was dying to get, but I needed a third item so in it went. I was never head over heals for Effecter Duo + but this is something I can get behind! It's marketed as a targeted blemish corrector and it's been doing a mighty fine job of just that. For the entire time I used Effecter Duo I saw next to no results, but this was pretty much instantaneous. The boy is also a fan, and yes we have discussed that this is one of the products he is more than welcome to use.


What have you picked up recently? Any thoughts on Glam Glow?

PS. Can someone please give me Emilia Clarke's perfectly peachy lips? I want.