If you're a regular reader round these parts you may have read about my despair when Clarins discontinued their Daily Energiser Lotion, you may have also read about my search to find a replacement, and you may then have read about how I eventually settled on their Daily Energiser Cream (the answer was so simple I didn't see it- typical). Considering those are the only two Clarins products that have ever been mentioned on the blog, I feel that my ratio of Clarins shelf space to Clarins blog coverage is a drastically uneven one. With an aim to rectify, today's post is a little run down on my thoughts and brand favourites. 

I think, on the whole, Clarins is largely overlooked in the beauty world. There was a brief craze for their Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors and I've heard a couple raves about their Instant Eye Make-Up Remover... but that's about it. I can't remember what it was I purchased first but I now have quite the little collection. I've found that most of my Clarins products acted as stepping stones to better and more effective counterparts. But they still remain staples in my collection and are called upon when new purchases fail to deliver. They are products that I feel comfortable with- I know they work and I know they're a reasonable price. 

There are some gooduns in this little round up- I won't go through each item in detail (although I am happy to answer any questions) but I do want to touch on some of my favourites:


MOST REACHED FOR: (Daily Energiser Cream)

This will come as no surprise to anyone. This is the only day cream I have found thus far that works for me and consequently the only day cream I own. I use this religiously, everyday, sometimes twice a day if I have to reapply my makeup. It hydrates my skin without making it shiny, helps relieve redness and the consistency is fabulous. Although, it's sods law that this is ALSO being discontinued (Why?!?). So once my last pot is gone I'll be on the hunt again.


This was my first, and up until recently, had been my only foray into the world of exfoliating toners. It's gentle and can be used daily which I did for quite some time. I've stopped using it religiously now, but I think I am on my fourth or fifth bottle nonetheless. It does the job so I'd never felt the need to try anything else. However, I've recently acquired a bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold so I will report back with a comparison soon. 


HERO PRODUCT: (Beauty Flash Balm)

This is my hangover saviour. I got a small tube of this as a gift with purchase some months ago and have recently invested in the full size. When you come to the morning after the night before and you've got places to be- this is your best friend. It restores normal colour to the face, tightens (especially around your eye area) and brightens everything up a little bit. Just because there was an offer on Jeager Bombs and you got a grand total of 3 hours sleep (in your makeup) doesn't mean it has to show on your face.


This is the newest addition to my Clarins stash and I have nearly finished it. First of all, let me just start by saying that it smells of peaches. I love things that smell of peaches. Yes, that was half the reason I bought it. The other reason is because I'm not a morning person. Most of the time I do talk myself into doing a proper cleanse in the mornings, but some days I am running late and some days I just can't be bothered. That's where this comes in. It acts as a cleansing water and toner in one. A quick swipe over your face with a cotton pad and everything feels fresh, clean and ready for the day. Judging by how much is left in the bottle though, I've had more lazy mornings than I care to admit.


Now, I can't finish this post without touching on some of the extra perks of the brand. Firstly, and this is probably the reason there are so many bottles in that photo up there, Clarins do some amazing Boots' points promotions. More often than not I end up buying my staples on a promotion where if you buy two products you get £10 worth of boots points. If your purchase was £40 that means your getting 25% back at some point... that's incentive enough for me! And if they're not offering that, they're offering some pretty handy travel sized gifts with purchase. Pretty much my entire travel skincare regime is Clarins- their travel sized eye makeup remover and cleanser are my go to's. The sales assistants are also pretty generous about handing out samples- so if you're ever stuck for miniatures Clarins has got you covered. 

Have you tried any Clarins products? What are your favourites?