Last monday was my first real day off in I can't remember how long. I didn't have any birthday plans, any errands to run, any university entry tests to take... so naturally, I went shopping. I could walk around in Brighton for days on end- the lanes are full of exotic and beautifully quirky boutiques that make you wish you could shell out £500 on a table made of recycled wood and another couple hundred on industrial light fixtures. Many hours of lusting and quite a few coffees later I came home with a healthy, but incredibly restrained, three bags worth of spoils. With dinner in the oven and day two of blissful plan-less freedom looming closer I jotted down extensive plans of what blog photos I was going to take and what posts I wanted to start writing for the week ahead.

As Tuesday rolled round I took my time putting on my face, donned some new purchases and fumbled around setting up my stupidly large tripod. What I didn't consider when formulating my blogging plans was that Brighton might deliver the warmest, sunniest, most gorgeous day we had had in 9 months. Enter my half-hearted attempt at photographing an outfit and face of the day- can you tell I wasn't fully interested? I think I lasted about 6 minutes before switching my camera off, donning my sunnies (which were hiding, untouched, under a mountain of receipts and chewing gum wrappers in the deepest, darkest depths of my bag) and skipping into town. All plans were discarded and the day was spent window shopping, perusing the farmers and antiques markets, and discovering that the best pho in Brighton is dangerously close to where I live.

For the purposes of making this ramble of a post somewhat related to the rest of the content on this blog, I'll leave you with what I slapped on my face on the day when there were better things to do than take a selfie:

Ps. I am slightly obsessed with over-drawn Kylie Jenner lips... I so didn't want to be that girl, but I totally am. See above.