Let me set the scene for you. I moved in with my boy (although I have just been informed that he should be referred to as a man) just over two months ago- it was a bit of a spur decision, but so far so good. Perks include but are not limited to- my personal tea making service, lifts back home after girly cocktails, the occasional surprise of fresh flowers (I'm getting over my reservations regarding flowers from men) and a constant supply of biscuits. Drawbacks seem to be an always present and ever-growing pile of laundry and my recent discovery that the boy's shampoo of choice the entire time we have been living here has been my only luxe hair-care indulgence- Bumble and Bumble's Sunday Shampoo (£18.50). Why the £3 Boots alternative that lives right next to it in the shower wasn't the chosen one I will never know!

Upon discovery my first reaction was shock-horror that he was using a detox shampoo on a daily basis. Enter the onslaught of questions he probably wasn't ready for post shower: 'How does your hair feel!?', 'Is your scalp dry!?', 'Is it itchy!?', 'Does your hair feel squeaky?!',"No?...Are you sure?!', 'Can I feel if it's squeaky?!'.  If that doesn't speak to my beauty sickness, then I don't know what does. Don't worry, the situation has been rectified- there has now been a shower tour explaining exactly which bottles I am OK with sharing and which ones just aren't worth the hassle. Post said shampoo debacle I figure it's only fair to give the poor bottle a little blog TLC before the rest of it mysteriously disappears.

I find my hair stays healthiest if I only wash it 2 or 3 times a week. If you happened to read my latest empties post (essay) you may have picked up on my heavy reliance on dry shampoo. Other than that, I don't tend to use too many styling products unless I curl my hair, in which case the volumising spray and the hairspray come out in full force. But those occasions are few and far between, because let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for that! Every 4 washes or so I like to switch up my regular shampoo for a detox offering to rid my hair of any product residue (read: lingering dry shampoo) or excess oil and get that squeaky clean feel back again.

This little bottle is full of astringents and stimulants to help your mane feel brand new. Ginseng root extract and sage root extract work to cleanse and stimulate the hair and scalp, and rosemary leaf extract works as a stimulant and anti-inflammatory. The information blurb also tells me there's something in there called Tetrasodium EDTA that helps detoxify... but does anyone really know what that means?

I find that it's best followed by some sort of hair mask, and preferably enjoyed by your self rather than your boyfriend (I was an only child for nearly 5 years, so I may have some problems sharing... at least I've admitted it). For those sane people who are not willing to shell out twenty quid on a shampoo they're only going to use every so often, Boot's do a version that essentially does the same thing for £3.49. But the inner beauty addict in me will always slightly prefer the B&B option... you probably know the feeling.

Have you ever used this? What are your thoughts? Slightly less possessive than mine I hope!