If you've been round these parts before you'll know that I like to keep a list of my favourite reads on my Reading Material page... for those of you that haven't, go have a look! It's on the black scroll bar up there ^^. From time to time I refresh that page and when I do I keep a little archive of what was written before... just so nobody gets lost along the way. So, below are some blogs I first discovered last summer and have been loving ever since:


Ah Babette! First of all, just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful her layout is... that dog can cheer you up no matter what. In the past couple of months I have just fallen in love with Babette's content- she writes thoughtful and reflective posts that are incredibly relatable. But more importantly she stays true to herself and her own personal beauty ethos. I highly recommend you check out her recent series 'On Perfection' and some of her posts on how to approach beauty. I cannot say enough good things about this girl!


 This blog belongs to the beautiful Holly. I love all of her posts- they are informative and engaging. You can find anything from tips for blog layouts and photo editing to makeup and skincare . The post that hooked me though was this one, where I got to really see the brave and honest side to this Canadian blogger. She talks about her fears and doubts when it comes to her blog and how she's overcoming them, and I hugely admire that. Also, she is seriously gorgeous- I've got some major eyelash envy going on.


I'll put my hands up and admit that I am a huge sucker for great photography and that was initially what drew me to this one. But as I started scrolling through all of Tamira's beautiful posts I was hit by just how genuinely cool she is. Her style is incredible and it shines through in everything she does. Some seriously kick-ass beauty blogging right here.


 Alanna's blog is unbelievably enthralling. I originally stumbled upon her post on improving your food photography and then was whisked away to many a beautifully written and photographed recipe. Recently, I've been very busy and when I haven't been able to find the time to cook I'm guilty of sifting through all of Alanna's pictures daydreaming about her homemade cookies and Vanilla, Ginger & Turmeric Smoothies- YUM. Also any Gluten Free-ers out there, Alanna has got you covered!


 Rocio's blog is my newest find on this list and it is so, so inviting. First of all, it combines my two favourite things, beauty and food- so I was hooked from the start. Her photography is stunning, and as of late I have found myself spending hours pouring over her Lifestyle section. She writes a series called 'My Month Sounds Like This' where she shares what music she has been loving and it's one of my favourite things about her blog. It's full of fresh, stylish and heart-warming posts. It's the kind of blog you want to curl up to and read on a rainy day, cup of tea in hand- so I suppose 'Cosy' nails it in one.


 Natalie is so, so sweet! Her level of engagement with her readers is phenomenal. You're guaranteed to get a helpful and thoughtful reply to any queries or comments you may have and I hugely admire that. Her content is engaging and she has recently redesigned her site. It's simple, clear-cut and beautiful. She's shot straight to the top of my reading list and if you haven't checked her out already I can guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Who have you been loving recently?