It's my birthday this Sunday (yippee!) and I will finally be turning the big two-one. Granted, twenty-one isn't as big a deal here as it is state-side but I am pretty darn excited. I've been given four days off work and much to my dismay I have been embargoed from planning ANYTHING. I'll admit, being the control freak that I am, having no say in proceedings has put me well and truly outside my comfort zone. That being said, as I started writing this I had the most beautiful, hand drawn invitation to my own birthday delivered so I feel like there are only good things to come.

I would love to put up some sort of 'Birthday Face' post but as I have absolutely no clue what is happening, whether there will even be a birthday face and if so, will there be time to post it? I thought as I go off into the unknown I'd leave you with a few musings from my first 21 years:

  • Always buy Fairy Liquid, the knock offs will never be as good- even when they're on offer
  • Break-ups hurt... a lot, and you will do stupid things directly afterwards
  • Onions rings always sound like a better idea than they actually are
  • It's okay if you don't have an immediate answer for the onslaught of what-are-you-going-to-do-with-your-degree questions
  • It's generally best to stick to the cocktails you know and love- kale and vodka may sound like a good idea but I can assure you it's not
  • You cannot rush gravy making- good gravy takes patience and love
  • Age is irrelevant, numbers do not determine how competent you are or who your best friends will be
  • If you don't clean out your handbag for several months it will eventually contain all the necessary items to survive on a desert island... and twelve different lipsticks
  • Blistex Relief Cream is a must- even in the summer
  • Always bring backup to the piercing parlour, fainting can occur for the first time on your 7th trip
  • Secrets are always best when shared with one (and only one) confidant
  • Getting fitted for the right bra size can and will change your life
  • Never underestimate the side-effects of hormonal contraception- that s*** can mess with you
  • Trying to 'get into' smoking to impress someone is just stupid and a waste of money
  •  Some words should never be said in an American accent- prime example: banter 
  • No matter how often you move you will always have the same amount of crap to throw out each time
  • The concept of family is not static
  • The general public will never cease to surprise
  • Never shave your eyebrows
  • Outfits and haircuts will always be embarrassing three years on... you probably haven't got it right even now
  • Skype will only ever ask you to rate the quality of your call after a shockingly bad session

Now here's hoping I survive the weekend and make it to 21! Wish me luck!