Hello again to anybody who still happens to be popping by these parts… it has been far too long! I almost feel like I have to introduce myself again. Despite what it may seem like on my social media… I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

December consisted of lots of food, drink, and me telling myself I would leave exercising one more day. I spent my third Christmas away from home, but my first ever in Brighton. I made homemade mince pies for the first time and worked my first ever Christmas Eve.

Our work Christmas do was postponed ‘till New Years Eve so I got to see in 2015 with the most wonderful ladies you’ve ever met. And it wasn’t too long after I recovered from all the festivities that things started to change a bit… I have fully embraced the ‘New Year- New Me’ cliché.

I can’t decide if it was the cold, the sluggish feeling you get from drinking mostly gravy for a month, or that my head wasn’t screwed on just right (points for that reference!), but I decided changes needed to be made. Enter two weeks of frantic scrambling in which I managed to apply to university for a second time, find and move into a new flat, apply for some jobs and even fit in a cheeky trip to the states.

It’s been just over two weeks since me and the boy moved in. Things are finally settling down, everything is unpacked- internet is arriving today (yippee!) and I’m trying my best not to check UCAS every 5 minutes to see if anybody wants me. I’m feeling much happier now and quietly excited about the months to come.

But most importantly I thought it was about time I sat down and gave my neglected little Ginger n’ Roses some TLC. I’ve updated my 'About Me' section- so if you’re bored feel free to go have a nose through some semi-coherent ramblings. I’ve cracked out the camera again and am looking forward to spending some more time here. It feels good to be back!