Can I just insert a big squeal of excitement here? When I was five years old my mum read me the first Harry Potter book. After I got over my initial disappointment that she hadn't bought the Barbie book that came with a bracelet, I started to develop what I can only describe as an infatuation with Harry Potter and everything about his magical world. I was the girl that had Harry Potter sheets and a Hedwig doll on my bed, I was the girl that spent hours running around the house in a cloak on a plastic yellow broom (yes, there is photographic evidence), and I was the girl that drew an owl and stuck it to wall by the table in the hopes that one day, whilst I was eating my breakfast cereal, it might spring to life and drop a Hogwarts letter on my kitchen table. I'm still waiting. 

Apart from a brief interlude where I was convinced the Basilisk was going to come turn me to stone in the night, I was absolutely glued to the pages of those books. So last week when me and my friend Elise (finally) showed up at the entrance to 'The Making of Harry Potter' I was beyond excited. It took us four hours to go through- mostly because we were running around pointing and gasping at  absolutely everything. I spent a good ten minutes deciding who's wand I would most like to have (Ginny's), we partook in some green screen quidditch (obviously), and engaged in a lengthy chat as to how exactly Hagrid's mechanical head worked.

 Unless a letter drops through my window next week ( better ten years late than never), that was the closest I'll ever get to Hogwarts- and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a dream come true!