During the summer months I ended up spending quite a bit of time away from home. Whether it was just an overnight or a long weekend I had a trusty arsenal of products- all in miniature, of course- packed up and ready to take away at a moments notice. Now that things have settled down a bit and my itty bitty skin care regime isn't getting as much love and attention as it used to... I've realised I'm really missing those little guys. 

Most of the things I take away with me are free samples or miniatures of things I've been dying to try but can't quite justify shelling out the pennies for. Result- none of my normal regime features in my travel friendly picks. I've gathered together the little samples that really did their job well and have me bursting to purchase their full size counterparts: 


(£57 Full Size)// Sarah Chapman is taking the internet by a storm. Her Overnight Facial made a huge entrance and her Hydrating Booster wasn't far behind. Hailed as the older and more sophisticated cousin of Hydraluron, I was dying to get my hands on this. But at three times the price, it just wasn't going to happen without some serious thought. Anyway, I picked up the miniature on a whim and I almost wish I hadn't because I love it so much. 

Essentially, this is an incredibly light weight hydrating serum. As with Hydraluron the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, but the real take off with this one is the texture. Where as Hydraluron can feel almost tacky on the skin after a while... this literally feels like liquid silk on your face. I find my skin is plump and suitably radiant in the morning- and any moisturiser I use afterwards glides on a dream. So, although the price tag makes me wince, like seriously wince... the results are there and they are pretty damn good. I am currently saving my pennies to bite the bullet and go for this bad boy when my Hydraluron runs out. 


(£32 Full Size)// I have to admit, for a very long time I was convinced this was the most unnecessary hype of the century. The reviews of this seemed to just say it's amazing and nobody was able to say why. So as far as I was concerned it was a glorified water in a mist bottle that happened to smell nice. Turns out, there's a little bit more to it and that's why everyone loves it so much. Who'd of thunk it?! Although essentially a hydrating mist this little bottle is packed full of antioxidants- grape extract, orange blossom, rose, balm mint and rosemary- that all help energise and restore the skins radiance. It's targeted towards dull skin (my main winter concern) and it definitely adds a new breath of life to my especially tired complexion. This is probably the thing I look forward to using most when I go away and I will definitely be treating myself to the big-girl sized bottle when the time comes! Bonus- it smells so nice!


(£23 Full Size)// I like to think I have a pretty decent selection of clay based masks. They are the best for getting a really good cleanse and upping your skincare game when things start to go a bit downhill. I can't remember why I  didn't opt to get the full size version of this- but it is the most hardcore of all the clay masks I own. This stuff is the big guns and gets pulled out when things are really getting desperate. I'm talking I-might-as-well-be-13-years-old-because-my face-is-an-oil-slick desperate. With the holidays around the corner I have a feeling that far too many roast potatoes and creamy puddings will end up putting this through its paces. Origins, I have faith that you can bring my skin through the holiday season...please don't let me down. 


(£29 Full Size)// After my long and arduous hunt for a suitable day time moisturiser I thought I'd finally find the one with my beautiful little Clarins tub, which I talked about here. Now, don't get me wrong, I love that stuff. But shortly after I bought it I started using this and it's just as good. I'd had the tester lying around for ages but  hadn't thought to try it until I read about it here on Becca's wonderful blog. It's a lot lighter than my Clarins offering and penetrates the skin that little bit faster. In all honesty I couldn't choose which I prefer of the two, but I am just so glad I have finally found some decent moisturisers! I suppose it's the whole 'no busses come and then three come along at once' thing. 

Have you been loving any samples recently? Have they persuaded you to splash out on the full size?