Life is far too short to paint your nails properly... so let's just not look too closely at them in that second picture there. I'm still overjoyed that there's some sort of length on them, so scraggly application can be overlooked for the moment. Small steps Beth- one day you will have presentable hands.

Lately, I have been making a concerted effort to move on from some seriously questionable fashion choices. Just for the record, blue aztec leggings and tight-in-all-the-wrong-areas dungarees are incredibly hard to pull off and categorically DO NOT double as work wear. I have now concluded that they are best avoided- but, needless to say, I learnt that the hard way. With the wise council of some trusty friends I've been investing in what they call 'classic' pieces. Any purchases now have to be approved by at least 2 people... I cannot be trusted. There's a lot of black grey and white... and very little pattern, which I am more than OK with.

Now that I've got a small army of black jeans and loose tops built up, I've been taking great pleasure in investing in the accessories that bring everything together. The ones that give the impression you are a tad more put together than jeans and a t-shirt. Enter my new favourite additions:


Obviously this one comes in on the pricer side- but there are some things that are just better if you chuck some money at them- shoes, watches, cheese... to name a few. Considering it's functional though, not just aesthetic, I feel I can justify that. Priority number one was finding a watch face that a) wasn't too big and b) wasn't too thick. I suffer from excessively small wrists so this was a somewhat difficult task. This was pretty much the only offering I could find that fit both my style and size requirements.

The face on this one is super thin so it lays nicely and doesn't look bulky in the least- finally, something I can work with! The watch came with a beige/nude strap- which I love- but I went ahead and got a black leather strap as well, you know, for varieties sake. I've taken great pleasure waltzing around pretending it makes me look far more sophisticated than I am. The amusement a watch can bring, eh?


I got these in a pack from Asos and I love them! They come in several different sizes for optimal stacking and are just generally simple and very pleasing. Again, they add a lovely bit of detail to the new and improved wardrobe. Perhaps not as functional as the watch... actually, verging on a tad fiddly- but I have a  real soft spot for them. I am more than happy to put up with slightly restricted finger movement once an a while.

So that wraps up my latest loves, what accessories have you been donning recently?