I am not really one for monthly favourites, I'd love to be- but in all honesty I just don't get around to trying that many new things in a month. That being said, there are a fair few new additions to the stash that I just haven't been able to get enough of. I've used all of these lovely products religiously since the day I got them and they are just too good not to share with you all. So without further ado, here's what I'm currently loving:


Now I know this seems like a ludicrous amount of money to spend on an eyeshadow primer, and I completely agree with you on that one. Before I got my hands on this little guy I was perfectly happy layering my NYX primer and a MAC Paint Pot as a base, so in all honesty I can't tell you why I decided to pick it up. I'm hedging my bets on it was a combination of one too many rave reviews and a particularly rainy day.

Whatever the reason... this is the one I am most excited to talk about! It's holy grail material... and I don't say that lightly. I have the oiliest eyelids known to man and without any sort of base I'm lucky if my eyeshadow lasts an hour... much less a whole work day. But a dab of this gives me full on Izzy eyes- let me explain. My friend Izzy has the amazing ability, and I am forever envious of this, to do her eye makeup for a night out- dance, sweat, fall asleep in it- and it is flawless the next day. Not a crease or a smudge in sight. This little tube gives me that, I can finally fall asleep and still have perfect eyes the next day! That's all a girl can ask for really.


The idea that you should correct before you conceal has always seemed a bit excessive to me. Surely if your concealer is good enough, then you don't have to correct? I've come to the conclusion that this is true to an extent.  But recently I've been suffering from particularly dark under eye circles. I say suffering, I mean I have imposed particularly dark under eye circles upon myself. It has made all the difference to have a product that colour corrects the darkness under my eyes before I go in with concealer. Everything just looks bright and awake. Which, considering how dead I feel most mornings, is pretty impressive.


This little pan was bought with my cousin's wedding in mind. I was in charge of the bridal party's makeup, so naturally I took this as an opportunity to pick up a few extra makeup bits. Now, this stuff has been reviewed more times than I dare to think about- but I had never given it the time of day. I get way more excited about lip products than I do eyeshadows. But I have worn this and only this on my eyes for three weeks straight now (except the few days I've worn Cranberry). It's a very neutral beige with a gold/pink pearlescence to it. Perfect as a single wash of colour or the base to a smokey eye... and universally flattering. All options covered, really.


If you've been round these parts before you might have read about the mission I have been on to find the perfect daytime moisturiser. I was absolutely head over heels for the Clarins Daily Energising Lotion- that stuff was magic. Ever since it was discontinued I have been on a headhunt for something that comes even remotely close. Why I didn't try its slightly thicker sister product? I don't know... that would just be too easy. Anyway, I have now. All that searching was silly, really. Because this is just as good as the lotion... probably better. Note to self: it helps when you use your brain.

M.A.C. 217 BRUSH (£19.00)

The. Best. Eyeshadow. Brush. Ever. There's not much more to say. It does a flipping' fantastic job. Also, the first MAC brush I have ever purchased... and it's got me gagging for more. It is definitely with investing in your makeup brushes, absolutely love it!

All of these lovely bits have quickly crept into everyday use. What are your favourites at the moment?