I don't often end up painting my nails. I don't like having them done at work so it's only when I'm lucky enough to have more than two days off in a row the the varnish comes out. As of late, I have been loving the matte white nail look. It's crisp and fresh- and it goes with everything. The matte finish adds an element of chic-yet-casual and I am in love. Call me boring, but in the past two months this is all I have been sporting on my tips. I mean, if you've got a good thing going- why stop it?

I know you can get matte nail varnishes, but earlier this year I picked up the Topshop Matte Nails Topcoat (£6), so I now have the pleasure of being able to make any nail varnish I please have a matte finish. I love it... a little bit more than I should I think. I've been using that over top of Barry M's White Nail Paint (£2.99) and it works a treat. Nothing fancy, just crisp, clean and very pleasing. It won't be long before the Autumn berries and browns start making an appearance. But as I am currently willing summer not to end with every fibre of my being I thought I'd sit down and write a little note about my favourite summer nail combo. 

What have you been loving recently?