Those of you who aren't strangers round these parts will know that I have a real thing for foundations. I love them and I have far more than my fair share. But what can I do? I'm just searching for 'the one'! So it comes as no surprise really, that I've sat down to write a little foundation-related number for you. I picked up the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (£33) quite a few months ago now and I haven't been wearing much else. Even more shocking- I don't have 12+ bases on my wish list because, in all honesty, I'm pretty chuffed with this little baby.

I had somewhat of a revelation earlier this year when I discovered that matte foundations were not necessarily the answer. And thus I let myself wander into the beautiful world of the glowy foundation. Nothing shimmery, just something that looks more human-being and less biscuit, which was my finish of choice for longer than I care to admit. Sheer Glow falls within the medium-full coverage family and a little goes a long way. Half a pump will sort you right out on a good skin day, and a full pump is more than enough for an evening out. Sidenote: the pump (£3) is sold separately, but I would highly recommend one. Trying to tip pea-sized amounts of product out of glass bottles is not my forte. More power to you if it's yours!

The formula is absolutely beautiful- I can not fault it. It's coverage that doesn't look overdone. I like to work mine in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and I find the more I work it in, the more natural the finish. It just vanishes into the skin- but without compromising any coverage. The shade Fiji is perfect for me, which by the way, I am over the moon about. Despite my decidedly average looking skin tone, more often than not foundations either come up slightly too yellow or slightly too pink. Finally finding something my colour is a God send! I would hazard a guess that the formula is suitable for all skin types. However, being on the slightly oiler side of the spectrum, I like to add a touch of powder through my T-zone just to make sure everything stays glowy rather than greasy throughout the day. Flawless, natural complexion- sorted.

Have you ever tried NARS Sheer Glow? What's your favourite foundation?