I love searching through Twitter, Bloglovin' and other people's recommendations for new blogs to read and fall in love with. I wanted a place where I could share my latest loves with anybody who happened to stop by my little blog, and thus the 'Reading Material' page was born. It's been three months since then, and in that time I have found so many lovely new reads, so I figured it was time a made some changes to the page. You can have a look at my new loves here, but I didn't want the words I had written about all the lovely ladies three months ago (however brief) to be lost forever. I've decided to start an 'Archives' series, whereby every time I take a moment to update my favourite reads I'll pop my old ones into their very own blog post, you know... for documentation purposes. So settle down with a cuppa and get ready to fall in love with all these beautifully talented people!

A Little Opulent

ALO is a somewhat recently launched online magazine spearheaded by Rebecca and Jen (who each have their own wonderful blogs). There is a whole team of amazing people working behind the endeavour to create a range of beauty, style, culture and lifestyle posts. I love browsing through to see what their latest offering is, and I highly recommend you check out their recipes- to die for.

9 Out of Ten

WengYee is a fabulous blogger living in the Netherlands. She has been writing since 2012, and I am a little gutted I didn't stumble across her sooner. She makes me want to move back to Europe and just creates the most amazing content that always has you clicking away for more.

I am a Food Blog

Nothing gets me more excited than flicking through beautiful photos of food. Stephanie's blog is filled to the brim with mouth-watering, easy-to-make-at-home recipes. I could spend hours upon hours sifting through all her delicious meals. AND she has a cookbook, Easy Gourmet,  coming out in September- cannot wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

My Name is Yeh

 Oh, Molly. Her food, her photography... she lives on a farm! Her page has a theme song. Seriously, no words are going to do this justice, so just go check it out. I promise you, there is no way you can't fall in love with it!

That Grace Girl

Once you get over how gorgeous Grace is, everything about her just emanates elegance. Her layout, her writing, her photography. It's current, with a dash of vintage and 100% sophisticated.  An absolute pleasure to read.

The Lovely Prose

Becca is just an all-round lovely person. You know when you start out blogging and people say 'you meet such amazing people'... she's one of those. Not that I have met her in person, but I like to think if I did we'd get along pretty darn well. Also, her blog- fabulous. It has sprung right to the top of my reading list!

Two Red Bowls

I know, for a beauty blog I have an awful lot of food favourites, but i just had to slip this one in as well. Have a click on the Recipes tab and you'll find yourself wanting to try absolutely everything. There's sweet, savoury, drinks... and a whole lot of likeability!

La Petite Primp

The wonderful Camey is behind this one. She is chatty and lovely and has the power to write some pretty thoughtful and inspiring material. Product-wise she shares my taste pretty much down to the letter. Anyone who starts off their intro professing their love for red-orange lipstick is a must-read in my books.

Who have you been loving recently?