It is so nice to finally sit down and put some time and energy back into my little blog. Life has gotten very busy all of the sudden- you know when you find yourself completely swept up in everything? Constantly thinking about the next thing you have to do, who you have to call back, what train you have to book and the 59 messages you haven't replied to? Amidst all that, I was moving house, sorting out a job, trying to start exercising (perfect timing on my part), helping friends who were moving away, and generally just trying to find my feet again. Needless to say... any spare moment I have had has been spent sleeping or, I hate to admit it, watching Jersey Shore. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting down with a cup of tea to watch other people yelling at each other. We all have our guilty pleasures, some just happen to be more tasteful than others.

Now that things have settled down a bit and I have fallen back into somewhat of a routine I am very much looking forward to focusing my attention back onto my little GnR baby. I've made some changes layout wise (not quite finished yet)... but more importantly, I want to really start learning how to use my new camera! I was lucky enough to get a shiny new DSLR for my graduation and, until now, just haven't had the time to use it. For the past couple of days I've been very nerdy- pouring over a book called 'From Snapshots to Great Shots', highlighting sections and desperately trying to understand the relationship between ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. All in good time. Anyway, enough rambling- if you still happen to be reading, this is where I am actually going to talk about something that relates to my photograph!

I am sure you have all seen the hype surrounding La Roche-Posay Serozinc, honestly it's nothing new. Anything recommended by the lovely Mrs. Hirons tends to send the blogging world into a mad frenzy, and this was no exception. Despite there being a wide selection of La Roche-Posay products available in the UK, this little bottle seems to be unbelievably hard to get hold of. After several failed attempts of asking friends to bring be some back from the mainland I decided to bite the bullet and order some online. A couple of months ago I ordered two bottles (along with some other things) from a website called Le Guide Sante. The postage did make me wince, but in the end I shared it with a friend, which lessened the blow ever so slightly. I say shared, I mean I bullied her into ordering some things too so I didn't have to pay £9 postage. Apart from that, everything came quickly and arrived in good condition so all good on that front.

The product itself contains only water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate. It is designed as a toner that both cleanses and soothes the skin. Although targeted at oily or blemish prone skin, the simplicity of the formula means that it works perfectly well with dryer or more sensitive skins. The product comes out in a fine mist that you can either spray directly onto your face or onto a cotton wool pad. I like to use it post-cleanse, but pre-serum. I find spraying it directly onto my face incredibly refreshing. I might be  a facial mist convert. But, whilst it hasn't made my skin any worse, it also hasn't miraculously improved it either. My skin has been pretty good recently (knock on wood) but I do have quite a few of those tiny under the skin bumps that just don't want to shift. I had high hopes that this would be the wonder product to banish them, but 2+ months on and they are still there. So whist it looks nice in my stash, and feels lovely I don't think it's gone that extra mile. That being said, it also claims to alleviate razor burn and soothe diaper rash (neither of which have been tested round these parts) so maybe I just haven't tapped into it's full potential just yet?

Have you tried Serozinc? What's your go-to toner?