Confession- I am pretty much blind as a bat. I wear glasses and have done since I was ten years old. Without them I have to be within two inches of anything to be able to see it properly- so that's fun. For the past seven or eight years now though, I have been very faithful to my contact lenses. They are my go-to and it's usually only evenings that the glasses come into play- and even then, it's only for an hour or so. However, once in a blue moon- when I'm feeling a bit under the weather or my eyes need a bit of a break I'll sport the glasses during the day.

It's not that I don't like them, I think they look rather nice... but they are so inconvenient. I'm forever bashing them or getting them dirty. If it's hot... they make my face sweat (a good look). If it's cold... they fog up when I come inside. If it's raining... I might as well be blind. Checking the oven, bowls of soup, and cups of tea are very dangerous territory. All in all, things run that little bit more smoothly without them. But on the rare occasion I do decide to don the lenses, there are a few changes I make to my normal makeup routine that I thought I'd share*: 



The most important thing for me when it comes to my base is covering any under eye circles. Especially with big lenses like mine imperfections can end up magnified- so I like to make sure that everything is covered and there are no under eye creases. To that effect, I always make sure to prime my under eye... trust me, it makes a difference! I also put a little extra concealer on the bridge of my nose where my glasses rest. If I use a long wearing concealer I find it helps prevent those dreaded indentation marks. 


Tidy brows always help frame your face. But I find that if you're wearing glasses it's important that they are especially put together... it just helps everything look a lot neater. I tend to spend a little extra time on them and fill them in a bit heavier than usual, that way my frames won't overpower them! 


Eyes-wise I like to stick to matte shadows with just a slight highlight in the inner corner. I find that thick liner looks particularly nice, and I always make sure to tightline my upper lash line. Like I said before, lenses tend to magnify any imperfections, so this helps keep everything neat. I also like to go liner and mascara free on the bottom lashes. 


With such large frames there is the risk of my already quite round face turning into a full-on moon... so I like to go a little heavier on the contour and keep any blusher to the tops of my cheekbones rather than the apples. As for lips, I like to keep it neutral. If I'm going to wear glasses, the focus might as well be on my eyes! 

*Makeup application is really fun when my nose has to be pushed up against the mirror in order for me to see any of my face... yet another inconvenience!