Boots do the best deals and rewards card by far. That paired with the fact that there is a giant store just round the corner from where I work means that I pop in far more than is probably healthy. What can I say? It calls to me. The plus side is that I usually know when promotions and deals are going on, so I can plan any purchases accordingly. Anyway, I popped in last week and to my delight all skincare was 3 for 2, so here were my sale picks:


This was featured in my empties post and is one of my all-time favourite products. It is probably my most mentioned product on this blog actually (I really do love it) and I have yapped all about it here, so I wont bore you with rave reviews again. But as good as it is, it is on the pricer side so I had been patiently waiting for it to go on offer before I repurchased. So glad to have this back in my life!


Last year I went through two bottles of the original formula of this and loved it. As my skin cleared up, I no longer felt the need to use it though- everything was reasonably balanced and all was well. A couple of months ago, however, around the time I started up GnR, I went on a skincare spree- getting hold of the most hyped products and trying everything under the sun with the intent of doing reviews and providing readers with lots of options. Needless to say, my skin did not thank me for it. Over the past six years or so I have really got to know my skin and what it likes, so after my brief product overload and the resulting breakout-gate, I decided to pair things down to the tried and tested routine that I know works for me.

To calm the breakout battle field that had erupted on my face I resorted to this trusty number. After squeezing the last breath out of my old tube a repurchase was on the cards, and I got to try their improved [+] formula for the first time. I am in love. I liked the old formula, but there is something about this one that is just that little bit better. The texture is more of a cream than the original gel. And whilst the original version targeted at oily and blemish prone skin helped to reduce breakouts, unclog pores, perfect skin appearance and reduce shine... the new version has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of dark marks and acne scarring. Wonder product right there. I don't know how much they actually changed the formula, but for some reason I feel like the newer version works that little bit faster and more effectively. I'm not going to argue with that, well done La Roche-Posay!


Now, this is completely new. I know I just said that I have been reverting back to old faithfuls- but they have discontinued my all-time favourite moisturiser! I used to be head over heals for the Clarins Daily Energizer Lotion- seriously, that stuff was from the gods. Anyway, Clarins don't make it anymore and I have been on the hunt for a new one for verging on a year now. A year. And nothing seems to cut it. Can you tell I am annoyed? I have tried so many... but I suppose that is a story for another post.

This looked promising and I had heard good things about the Yes To range (Ruth Crilly approved) so I whacked it in. As it's the cheapest of the bunch, 3 for 2 meant I essentially got it for free and I don't have to feel too guilty about trying it out (not that I necessarily would have). It is aimed at combination skin and is a light consistency that sinks in relatively quickly. I've only used this for a week so far, and whilst I'm not blown away, it's better than a fair few of the offerings I have tried before. I'm still secretly praying Clarins bring back my old love.


Have you tried any of these? What have your latest purchases been?