There is something incredibly satisfying about finishing a product right down to the very end. I find that if I start using something I don't particularly like, chances are I will probably switch it up for something else before I ever get close to finishing it. So, more often than not, when an empty bottle appears it has been well loved and thoroughly enjoyed. So without further ado, covering makeup, skincare and bodycare- these are my latest empties:

Indeed Labs Hydraluron

This little tube has been all over the beauty scene the past year (two years?), and for good reason. I've gushed all about it and the amazing effect it has on dehydrated skin here so I won't bang on about it too much. I am dutifully finishing up my Sarah Chapman Hydrating Booster (also beautiful by the way) and then this will definitely be repurchased. It's one of those products where you instantly notice a change in your skin once you stop using it. Not only that, but if we're talking value for money, it is by far one of the more budget friendly options out there.

Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace Body Wash

Vanilla Lace is my all time favourite scent from Victoria Secret- it's just so, so yummy. My sister gave me this as part of my christmas present a couple of years ago now (I know...), but it's only until recently I got really into it. When I got it, it was one of those things I liked so much I didn't want to use it up to quickly. In practice this meant it sat at the back of my bathroom cupboard for a fair few months. I figure there is not point in having something nice if you're not going to use it though, so for the past month I have been using this up and loving every second of it.

Bioderma Micellaire Water

Another product that has been talked about time and time again across the beauty community, and for good reason. I use this as a pre-cleanse, it works wonders for taking off makeup and is so refreshing. I cannot get enough of it, and may or may not already have two back ups in my cupboard. What can I say, luck favours to prepare!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Although I have begrudgingly admitted to having a slight foundation sickness, powder has never really interested me that much. I think I have tried three in my entire life. I stumbled across the MSF Naturals verging on four years ago now, and haven't really looked back. I use a dusting of this on top of my foundation and concealer, and while coloured it doesn't make my face look cakey or overdone by any stretch of the imagination. It keeps my makeup in place and just really smooths everything out nicely. Also, one of these lasts the better part of a year- so that's powder sorted.

That rounds up my small selection of tried, tested, and empty products. I have a feeling another one of these will be coming up relatively soon as pretty much every hair care product I own seems to be coming to an end, so watch this space!