Earlier this year I had amassed quite the collection of Boots points and I set to work researching what I might want to get. I figure if you are going to cash in all your hard earned work, it might as well be on a little treat for yourself. I had seen quite a few raves about the Origins Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment (£34), and after um-ing and ah-ing for what felt like ages I decided to take the plunge.

I have combination skin that is still quite dehydrated so this sounded like the perfect addition to my routine. The formula is oil free, but contains Lychee and Watermelon which are meant to really get in there and add moisture to any dehydrated areas, leaving everything fresh looking in the morning. At the time I had tried a couple of the Origins Masks and heard wonderful things about a fair few of their products, so I was more than excited. The directions suggest using the product morning and night after any serums... but something about the word 'treatment' made me feel like it would be best as a little booster to my night time routine. The smell of this is definitely not as enticing as the fruity Origins overnight moisture mask- it's more of a heavy herbal scent that has a citrusy, almost medicinal feel to it. Not sure how I feel about that. The consistency on the other hand, is a really lovely light gel that sinks into the skin almost immediately.

Now, I have given this a go for quite a few months now, and I'll be honest there haven't been that many noticeable results. I am a big fan of the wow product. The kind where you see a real difference the next morning... but, I appreciate that not everything works that way. While this doesn't break me out, through using it on and off for about four months now, I have noticed my skin is definitely happier without it. A good dose of a hydrating serum and a face oil have the ability to change my skin overnight, but with this, everything just kind of stays the same. So, whilst it's not awful, it's not amazing either. I will probably work my way through this eventually (the 50ml tub is looking pretty full still), but I have a feeling it won't be repurchased. Despite all the rave reviews, this gets the 'so-so' stamp of mild indifference from me. I have to admit though, I am suffering from a slight case of Boot's points regret. Here's to wiser choices next time!