Fragrance is one of the trickiest things to write about. You can sit there and list off all the notes each scent has, but the trouble is different people pick up on different things. Not only that, but different notes stand out on different people, so once you put it on your skin it's a completely different ball game. That being said, the Fragonard Eaux Naturelles Set (£15) was too cute not to talk about, so I am going to give it my best shot. It comes with five 7ml glass vials, each with a unique eau de toilette. Eau de toilettes are perfect for spring/summer-  they are light and refreshing but still have pretty decent staying power. So, without further ado, here's my low down of Fragonard's mix:


Predominantly orange blossom, this is probably the freshest of the bunch. It is light and citrusy, but also has subtle undertones of bergamot, jasmine and musk to give it a bit of added depth. Once on the skin, the orange and jasmine really mix for a fresh almost soapy feel... it's better than it sounds. I don't tend to be one for citrus, but this is really growing on me.


Vanilla is my all time favourite scent. For anyone who has read any of my other posts, I am a sucker for things that smell like you could eat them. As a fan of classic, sickeningly sweet scents this is definitely my favourite of the bunch. Mixed with cocoa, musk and subtle notes of heliotrope and rose it smells like a sweet cocktail. Something with a hint of Bailey's... again, in a good way.


This is the one for all the spicy/woody lovers out there. For those ladies that like to steal their man's cologne. The patchouly comes across rather strongly in this one (I know that tends to be the marmite of the fragrance world), but the added notes of ginger and caraway make it that bit more exotic and unusual. This stands out as the perfect pick for a deep evening fragrance.


True to it's name, the verbena and lemon peel mix making this an incredibly sharp citrus. Perfect for the warmer months, this one has a lemony freshness that offers a bit more of a wake-me-up than the orange does. It reminds me of breezy summer holidays and white dresses... but that could just be me.

Rose de Mai

Now, florals have never quite been my thing, so this is probably my least favourite of the bunch. This little vial has got a blend of rose, gardenia, violet, jasmine and lily of the valley. Instead of the traditional heavy and musky florals, this has a base of blackcurrant which adds a subtle fruitiness that really lifts it. I am drawn to it a lot more than most of the other florals I have come across, but unfortunately it doesn't sit quite right on me.

So, with a little something for everyone, I am more than impressed with this set. Fragonard has cropped up as one of my favourite affordable fragrance brands, and an added bonus- these are the perfect travel size! What are your favourite scents of the moment?