The past couple of weeks I have been knee-deep in essay writing and scrambling to finish up my last ever pieces of academic work (so exciting!), which means unfortunately, the blog hasn't been getting all that much love. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to sit down and write something that doesn't have to (a) be referenced and (b) include the word sociopolitical! That shouldn't even be a word. Now, let's just start out by saying I am no means proud of my work ethic. When it comes to studying, I am guilty of leaving everything to the very last minute. So, with 10 days to the deadline and 14,000 words to write... it was crunch time. I did not see the light of day for far longer than I would like to admit, and needless to say, any sort of beauty regime went straight out the window. After everything was handed in, and I'd slept for what felt like 48 hours straight, I had to crack out the big guns to get everything back to normal again.

The combination of sleepless nights, stress, endless caffeine, not to mention a complete neglect of my skincare regime had left my skin a little worse for the wear. Being the skin care junkie that I am, I never imagined I would go so many nights with out doing anything to it- but what can I say, that's the dissertation effect! My skin was left a lot oiler than it normally is with pesky spots in places I don't tend to get them. The only way to get in there and really sort things out was a deep cleansing treatment. I needed something to clear out any impurities and get my face nice and ready for all the nourishment I was going to religiously douse it in. For this, my go to is the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (£22). It's a little bit harsher than some of the clay masks I use on a regular basis, but it's the best thing I have in my stash for really getting deep down and clearing things up! The mix of charcoal, white clay and lecithin draws out impurities like no other.

Skin sorted (3 days later and I am proud to say everything is pretty much back to normal), it was time to crack on to the locks. I cannot explain the amount of dry shampoo that was used on my hair whilst I frantically tried to finish everything. Can I just reiterate that I am not proud of any of this? It was shocking. The first hair wash called for a deeper cleanse than I would normally go for, just to be 100% sure that there was no more Batiste lurking in there. I have been using the Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo (£3.49, not available online) for a while now and really cannot fault the results. It's definitely more stripping than your average shampoo, but leaves your hair feeling so squeaky clean! I tend to use it once a week or once every other week, with a good dose of moisture afterwards. Honestly though, never have I been happier to have clean hair.

Seeing as I had gone deep-cleansing mad, body wash just wasn't going to cut it. Whenever I am going that extra mile with the body care (which, let's be honest, isn't all that often) I like to go in with an exfoliant. My favourite is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (£8.00)... you could eat this stuff. It smells like maple syrup. But I just find you feel so much more refreshed when you've had a good ol' scrub. So, however guilty I may feel for not keeping on top of things, that's my beauty roundup for feeling human again.

Have you used any of these? What are your go-to products?