I love lip products, anything from balms and tints, to bold bullets and stains and I'm there. The one thing I had never really been a fan of was gloss. Its sticky, it's usually full of glitter and your hair gets stuck in it. To be honest, it's just one of those things that's more trouble than it's worth. Now, I'd heard rumours about a Clarins gloss that was meant to be amazing, but £18 for something I wasn't sure about just wasn't going to happen. So up until the discovery of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss (£6.19) I was a firm anti-gloss kind of girl. 

Now, when these little guys hit the isles of Boots there was quite the hype over them, they were hailed as the lip gloss for the non-lipgloss-lover, and at a third of the price of the Clarins offering, I was tempted to give them a try. There's maybe ten colours in the range, but picked up a pink and a peach offering, Fuchsia Flash (130) and Glorious Grapefruit (420).

After a little bit of VERY skeptical testing, I have come to the conclusion that the hype was worth it and I actually really like these. They have a lovely texture to them, the finish is more that of a balm than a gloss, and they are not sticky at all (which was my main fear). They are nicely pigmented, so you can wear them by themselves as a sheer wash of colour, or on top of other lip products. The one thing I really wasn't sure about is the hint of glitter that runs through them, more so in the pink offering. But, turns out, that translates to more light-reflecting than disco ball when on the lips, so no problems there. They smell of fruit sweets and last relatively well on the lips, so a win win on that front. So, while I wouldn't say I'm a convert, with the addition of these I am more than happy to dabble in the glosses from time to time now.