Hello, my name is Beth, and I suffer from oily eyelids. It's about as unglamorous as it sounds and means that creating an eye look that will last all day is near impossible. I am well learned in the ways of waterproof mascara, but colour-wise I have found that a good eye primer goes a long way, and a good eye primer paired with a cream eyeshadow goes an even longer way. I suppose at first it felt a bit counter productive putting something creamy rather than matte on my eyelids, but once they set, the lasting power more than surpasses any powder shadow. Here are my favourites- I like to use them by themselves, paired with a primer, or under other colours: 

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque (£15)

This is a beautiful copper colour, erring on the orange side, with a gold sheen that runs throughout. It's creamy and has lasted yoinks without drying out. The formula is multidimensional which means it's perfect as a one wash colour. That being said, it works beautifully under other shadows as well and, the best part... lasts all day! Despite the shimmer, it makes the perfect base for any look. I cannot recommend this stuff enough. Plus it can be doubled up as a warm toned cheek high-light. Multifunctional product- check. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in On and On Bronze (£4.99)

Pick number two is far more purse friendly at a third of the price. It is a metallic bronze colour, as the name would suggest, that comes across almost taupe on the eyelid. Despite the name, personally this is definitely one that needs a primer. Otherwise come 3:30pm and there are creases all over the place. But this and a good primer will last for ages. I like to dab a little of this across the centre of the lid and then blend outwards with a crease brush, and voilà, eyes sorted. You can add shadows on top if you wish, but I think the colour is beautiful on its own. 

So to any fellow oily eye-lidders, cream shadows are the way forward!