I have a very well established love affair with red lips. I'm almost ashamed at the sheer quantity of red lipsticks I own. But hey, a girl's got to have an orange-red, a blue-red, a brown-red, an everyday red, a matte-red, a sheer-red and everything in-between right? Maybe I have a problem, but at least I have admitted to it...they tell me that's the first step. Moving swiftly on, I am absolutely head over heels for the newest addition to the arsenal.  The NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Majella (£18) is the most beautiful red in the most beautiful finish. It was my birthday not so long ago (if you wanted to know) and this was part of my gift from my loverly work ladies. I'd heard a lot of hype surrounding their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, but not so much over these so I was intrigued.

The finish is incredibly moisturising and easy to apply and the pigmentation is phenomenal. I'd say it's as long wearing as most matte finishes without being quite so drying. It does need a bit of a touch up post meals, but much to my delight, fades relatively evenly (so you're not just left with the outline at the end of the day). Now, don't let the colour on the website fool you, it is most definitely not a ruddy purple brown. It's slightly darker than a true red without going into the berry realm. I would guess it probably has a feint brown undertone if anything. It's the kind of red that feels red carpet worthy, its classy and luxurious and strikes the right balance between moisture an longevity. Added bonus- it's compact and twists up! Super easy for popping in your bag for any on-the-go touch ups.