Reusing candles as makeup brush holders has to be all the rage at the moment. Now, I can appreciate the minimalist clean cut white look, but I need a bit more colour in my life. Something that is just a little bit more rough around the edges. So here's my version of the recycled brush holder... good old tin cans.  Not only is buying a tin of something a fraction of the price of a candle, they are a lot easier to make as well. No freezing and de-gunking involved, just a good thorough wash with soap and water and you are good to go. 

I've got two I am liking at the moment- an Andy Warhol Tomato Soup one (that's right, limited edition tomato soup... how sad is that?), and Baldjis Fig can available at Waitrose. I slightly prefer the fig one as the pattern is printed directly on the tin rather than on a paper label... but at around £1 each, who's being that picky huh?