As an overall rule hair just isn't really my thing. I did somehow manage to knock out a pretty decent 'do' for my prom, but I promise you that was a one off. I really struggle to find the energy to do it and inspiration is pretty much non-existant. That being said, by the time third day hair rolls round I definitely have to do something to mask the greasiness creeping up... because, let's face it, that is a good look on pretty much no one. I think it is important to give credit where credit is due, and it's safe to say I came up with none of these looks of my own accord. So, I bring to you my three (foolproof and easy) hairstyles of choice as inspired by some of my favourite beauty reads/watches: 

Before I start, let's just excuse the fact that my hair is about 12 different colours. I haven't dyed it in a very long time. But like I said, hair just isn't my thing at the moment.

The Fishtail

As inspired by the gorgeous Zoe, this is probably the most fool proof of the bunch. I am not particularly skilled in the art of the fishtail, but seriously anyone can do it- the messier the better with this bad boy. I like to work in a bit of dry shampoo and then have at. Easy.

The Side Plaits

This was one I saw on one of Lily's videos and apart from being every so slightly Khaleesi-esque, is pretty good for taming the freshly washed fluffiness. It gets any pesky hairs away from your face... and I can pretend I have dragons. I'm not going to lie, that's the biggest advantage of this one.

The Halo Braid

The beautiful Suzie is my newest find in the beauty community, and man can she rock this hairstyle. It's chic and oh so adorable at the same time. Not only that, but it masks a greasy hair day like nobody's business! So when the going gets tough, this is the one ladies. Although, be warned, you will need all of the hair grips you can find!

Have you tried any of these? What are your go to looks?