For some reason I cannot really explain, I just love things that I can slather on my face- surprise! I can ramble on and on about skincare and makeup until the cows come home.  Hair, however, is a topic that receives far less attention. Maybe it's the fact that until recently I never had very much of it, or that apart from dying and curling it, I never really thought there was that much that you could do it... Whatever the reason, the time I usually take reading, researching and getting excited about haircare is considerably less than that which I put into skincare and makeup. I say considerably less, I mean virtually non-existant. A quick read of the back of whatever shampoo is on offer is usually it, lets not make it sound better than it is. Now, to be honest, not ALL that much has changed. But in a desperate attempt to overcome a very poor choice of hair cut two summers ago (I'd prefer not to dwell on that) and grow my hair back out to a respectable length, I have been venturing into the world of haircare a little bit more.

There are a few things I have been using on a more regular basis, but for now I wanted to have a little chat about the Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum (£7). Let me tell you, I have had this exact bottle forever... 15 months-forever to be exact. AND IT'S STILL GOING STRONG. I'd been trying to keep the ends of my hair healthy for a while and had been using Moroccan Oil (from £13.45) for a good few months.  But a big bottle of that stuff can get a little bit pricey, so I started to search for something that was more budget friendly and was recommended this serum. After I've washed my hair, while it's still damp, I use two to three pumps on my ends (an extra pump on dry hair if I've blow dried it that day). The formula has a lovely fresh smell and is light weight so it hydrates and smooths hair without leaving any greasy effect. I don't particularly suffer from frizzy hair but it definitely does what it says on the tin and without me even trying, has become a firm staple in my haircare routine (seriously, 75ml ... it will not end).