Ever since my first forays into the world of skincare my main concern has been blemishes and oil control. Being the prime example of a combination skin type and very well acquainted with the "afternoon shine", I can understand how it is only natural to gravitate towards products that are oil free and mattifying... the thought of willingly putting oil on your face seems somewhat horrifying and definitely counterproductive. That being said, I have come to the overriding conclusion that oil is one of the best things for your skin, regardless of your skin type. I was perhaps a bit late in the game before I realised this, but I am now a proud convert and more than happy to make the case for facial oils.

It's important to realise that constantly stripping your face with the foaming agents and alcohol filled products often targeted at oily skin is only going to make your skin tight and uncomfortable, the end result being it overcompensating by producing more oil... obviously not ideal. But the introduction of an oil into your night time routine can help regulate and eventually decrease the production of your skin's natural oils. Once your skin feels balanced and hydrated things will start to settle down.

My oil of choice at the moment  is rosehip. Suitable for all skintypes, not only does it add a dose of moisture to your routine, but rosehip oil is well renown for its repairing properties. It's claimed to help reduce the appearance of facial scaring, sun damage and fine lines. Now, I am a firm believer in prevention rather than correction when it comes to skincare, so I don't want to be mistaken for advocating that this has any drastic anti-ageing properties. But exaggerated claims aside, with regular use I have witnessed the considerable lightening of my facial scars and a noticeable increase in my skin's elasticity and plumpness. I also find it helps soothe the redness of any pesky spots that do decide to pop up. I like to use three or four drops gently patted into the skin in place of, or just before, a nighttime moisturiser. And every so often I will mix a drop into my morning moisturiser if my skin is feeling especially dull or dry, usually after late nights or flights. At the moment I have been loving the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (£20). Because it's organic the smell is questionable at first, but once you get past that it's just a really, really lovely product that leaves your skin smoothed and plumped in the morning. Another favourite as been the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (£16.50), which is a tad easier to get your hands on.

Those are my favourites but there are so many lovely oils out there and I would say that they are definitely something worth investing in. I wholeheartedly think that they have made the most noticeable and long-lasting difference to the overall look and feel of my skin, so for that I send out a big thank you!